I used to love a band. They were called Pull Tiger Tail, and they had somehow found the fount of eternal indie-pop wonderment. Every single they dropped was better than the last – Animator, Mr 100 Percent, Let’s Lightning, Hurricanes. I felt they had a big future ahead of them, and the evidence was there. For instance, about the same I discovered them, a little band called Friendly Fires dropped the video for ‘On Board’. I remember seeing both bands on MTV2 pretty much back-to-back, in the days when that channel played a veritable motherlode of music. It seemed distinctly the case at the at the time that Pull Tiger Tail had a better shot than Friendly Fires.

Sadly they were dragged into the mire of a record industry slowly going down the u-bend, but they finally emerged – after a year and a half in the courts – with the album they’d recorded: Paws. It’s a great forgotten record, from a great forgotten band. They’d almost certainly be headlining stages by now,  and they’d probably be on…ooooh… their third album (?) if they’d been give a little time and space B=Unique dropped them after an admin fail led to ‘Hurricanes’ not charting in the Top 40.

The above video is ‘Mary Jane’, a track that streamed on their website, was full on epic, and encapsulated all that was great about their music. It is pretty hard to find on the interweb (hence the Vimeo), as it was put out on limited edition vinyl and the digital download of a compilation- but I finally managed to find the video for it last night. It’s sweet and blissful and the video is wonderfully silly. Enjoy.

There is however  good news/happy ending of the Pull Tiger Tail story. Two of their members are back and making music. This is Thumpers:

Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr, are the duo in question (Thumper #1, Thumper #2 ?) and they have a new single coming out sometime next week, so keep an eye out on their various social networking locales for that, but as for right very now ‘Dancing’s Gone’ posted above, and last year’s ‘Sound of Screams’ (linked with the clicky thing), seem to be a very good taster session to see what they’re all about. The about in this case being lush choruses, pounding drums, mesmeric sonic quirks, and that miraculous ability some bands have to refract summer through their very being.

Highly recommended.


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